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What makes “good chemistry?”

Independent Chemical Corporation has thrived for more than 70 years, with a customer-centric approach to all we do. We manufacture and distribute thousands of different products for end uses ranging from food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, detergents, environmental remediation, water treatment, coating and more.

In addition to our ever-growing product lines, we have partnerships providing custom manufacturing and re-packaging to meet and exceed the needs of both our domestic and international manufacturing customers with detail-oriented service and time-honored quality they can count on.

Our customers will tell you that working with us is “good chemistry.”

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Quality Through Study

After nearly 70 years of unparalleled success, Independent Chemical could rest on its laurels. We could cut corners and depend on our resume and reputation.

But, that would go against the principles that made us who we are in the first place.

We strive for improvement through continuous study of Purpose, Principle, People, and Performance, in all of our business operations.

We understand that a dedicated and trained team is critical to producing the results our clients count on. But, it’s the continuous search for better results that take us to the next level. It’s this non-stop pursuit of excellence that pushes us to provide answers our customers seek and products that make them come back to us over and over again. Yes, for 70 years!

See how our pursuit of excellence, through continuous study, impacts everything we do.

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