'Excellence in Chemical Distribution'


A commitment to excellence, with ethical clarity and professional integrity.


Our Mission is to provide safe, responsive, efficient and ethical distribution and manufacture of industrial, food and pharmaceutical products to support the manufacturing industries.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver to our customers with excellence, so they, in turn, are able to produce the results they seek. In other words, when customers are happy, we are happy.

How do we do this? We share our 65 years of experience in manufacturing, product usage, safe handling and community responsibility with our customers, suppliers and all those who may have contact with our products.

As a thought leader, we look to improve safety in our industry, as well as in the industries we serve. We will always conduct business ethically, and with the highest standards of truth, fairness and equality for our employees, customers, suppliers, and competitors. In fact, transparency has been a stalwart of ours for almost seven decades.

All of which means, our goal is to supply quality products that elevate our customers' businesses, through dedicated and professional people working in an honest and transparent way.

Our mission hasn’t changed since we opened our doors almost 70 years ago. It’s the same mission that has propelled our business and our customer’s success.

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