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How to Make Cleaning Chemicals Last Longer


Whether you buy your cleaning chemicals from chemical distributors in New York, or other industrial chemical suppliers, most cleansers slowly lose their power over time.


Bleach, for example, is at its best from three to six months. Good storage techniques help both cleaning products and your equipment last longer. Some tips include wrapping soap-filled scouring pads in foil to prevent rusting. Soap can last longer by keeping it in dishes with drainage holes, rather than placing it in a small pool of water on the sink.


Cleaning chemicals should be stored in a cool, dry cupboard. Open packets of dry cleansers, such as baking soda, should be sealed in order to avoid clumping. Adding a few grains of salt to an outdoor broom stiffens its bristles while cleaning. Setting aside a cupboard entirely for cleaning is ideal, as the chemicals won’t attack other products, such as food. Inside the cupboard, hooks and simple shelving are useful in keeping everything off the floor. If you have children within the house, choose a cupboard up high to store the chemicals and fit a bolt on the door. These are designed to resist opening but cannot keep out a determined child. Remember to clean out the storage cupboard regularly. Always leave the door open while cleaning, as the air can become harmful.


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