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LANOLIDE EXTRA®: The Safe and Easy Synthetic Lanolin Substitute for Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Use


Lanolin is an animal-derived raw material of worldwide interest for the formulation of cosmetic and dermo-pharmaceutical finished products. However, purity, variable composition, and residual odor and pesticides are among the many issues faced by cosmetic and personal care formulators who use Lanolin.




VEVY EUROPE, an Industrial and Research Company specializing in fine chemicals for the cosmetics industry, is known for its longstanding experience in basic and applied research on wool fats and their derivatives. They have focused their attention on the development and bulk manufacture of a product called LANOLIDE EXTRA®, an identical and certainly safer alternative than the best Lanolin.


Among its many features, LANOLIDE EXTRA® is a compact ivory-colored pasty mass, nearly odorless, constant composition, safe toxicological profile, more thready than Lanolin, not sensitive to oxidative processes, greater water absorption ratio, greater emulsifying capacity, and better stability. 


Therefore, LANOLIDE EXTRA® is perfectly interchangeable with Lanolin and can be used in the same applications in the same quantities. These applications include w/o absorption base, o/w co-emulsifier, extra fattening agent, and plasticizer for fats and waxes. 


Independent Chemical who is the exclusive distributor in the USA for VEVY EUROPE, has supported many industries, including

Cosmetics and Personal Care, for over 70 years. We store and distribute, across the USA, a full range of cosmetic and personal care ingredients to allow manufacturers to maximize value, performance, and safety. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we have built the region's best reputation for on-time delivery, and high-quality products and services.


To learn more about and request a sample of LANOLIDE EXTRA®, as well as many other high-end and commodity products that can handle your cosmetic and personal care formulation needs, reach out directly at info@independentchemical.com 


Thank you for your interest in Independent Chemical, and we look forward to providing you with exceptional customer service!

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