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Learn How to Protect the Skin from Pollution in Your Cosmetics & Personal Care Formulations



Learn How to Protect the Skin from Pollution in Your Cosmetics & Personal Care Formulations
Pollution has damaging effects on the Earth as well as on the skin. Many people, who live in environments that exceed pollution limits, are more prone to develop acne, eczema, and other dermatological issues such as wrinkling, skin inflammation, and premature aging.
Fillagrin is a vital element of the epidermis that is functional in moisture retention and maintaining the skin barrier. However, fillagrin levels can diminish from the impact of pollution. Poor filaggrin levels can lead to serious skin conditions including itchyosis vulgaris and atopic dermatitis.
While it is always important to protect the surface of the skin from external stimuli, it is even more vital to treat the skin from the inside out to diminish the impact that pollution can have on the skin.
Independent Chemical offers a naturally derived anti-pollution ingredient, known as Filagrinol produced by Vevy Europe, an Industrial and Research Company, specializing in fine chemicals for the cosmetics industry.  
Filagrinol is a naturally derived precursor that will promote increased filaggrin levels, restore skin barrier functions, provide protection against UV induced lipoperoxidation, and reduce levels of free radicals.
Independent Chemical, recognized as one of the top 100 chemical distributors in North America, is the exclusive distributor for Vevy Europe, within the United States. We have access to documentation and samples upon request, and we will work closely with you to guarantee a great end product. We can also offer formulation guidance along the way to help you achieve your goals.
Contact us to learn more about Filagrinol and other high-end products to help you combat the effects of pollution on the skin in your formulations.
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