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Poliglicoleum®: A Powerful Solubilizer for the Cosmetic Industry


Solubilizers are widely used in cosmetic and personal care products to improve solubility of hydrophobic substances into water solutions. They play a very important role in keeping the product clear and preventing any separation of oil content from water.
VEVY EUROPE, a research company specializing in fine ingredients for the cosmetics industry, is known for its outstanding reputation for developing high performance active and functional ingredients for color cosmetics and personal care products.  Poliglicoleum® by 
VEVY EUROPE, is a powerful upgrade to traditional solubilizers like polysorbates and ethoxylated castor oils that you must try in your formulations. During comparative tests, Poliglicoleum® proved to be the most effective solubilizer on the market. As a saturated liquid, it does not become rancid and is easy to handle.
Poliglicoleum® gives a much lighter, drier after-feel, making it easier to glide across the skin, while polysorbates tend to be tacky and sticky.  Poliglicoleum® is compatible with most common essential oils, fragrances and other oils, plus it confers better clarity to formulations, while other solubilizers sometimes act as an opacifier. 
Poliglicoleum® will work on a lower ratio (as little as 1/3 the use level of other solubilizers) and lead to a lower viscosity. It creates very little to no foam, which offers a big advantage during the production process.
Poliglicoleum® is the perfect solution for your toner, makeup remover, toiletries and many other formulations where a robust solubilizer is needed to tackle even the most difficult oil contents.
Independent Chemical who is the exclusive distributor in the USA for VEVY EUROPE, has supported many industries, including Cosmetics and Personal Care, for over 70 years. We store and distribute, across the USA, a full range of cosmetic and personal care ingredients to allow manufacturers to maximize value, performance, and safety. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we have built the region's best reputation for on-time delivery, and high-quality products and services.
To learn more about and request a sample of Poliglicoleum®, as well as many other high-end and commodity products that can handle your cosmetic and personal care formulation needs, reach out here for more information.
Thank you for your interest in Independent Chemical, and we look forward to providing you with exceptional customer service!

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