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Itaconix DSP-2K

Itaconix DSP-2K is a 2500 MW polymer of Itaconic Acid, which offers dispersion, detergency and chelation, in order to replace the use of phosphates.  it can be formulated at 1/3 the level of sodium tripoly phosphate, and is offered in both liquid and dry forms.  DSP-2K meets the OECD 301 protocol for biodegrability.  

Itaconix®  DSP2K™ is a low molecular weight linear polyitaconic acid partially neutralized with sodium salt. It demonstrates excellent binding capacity with metal ions, particularly polycationic ions,and especially with Calcium. Made from sustainable bio-based feed stock, it is readily biodegradable and has very low toxicity for a preferable environmental profile.


Very high binding capacity with calcium (0.86 g of CaCl2/g of DSP2K at pH=10.7, 25°C).Significantly higher binding capacity than polyacrylates, polyaspartate, EDTA salts and STPP. Product has good hydrolytic, chlorine and thermal stability.


Product Highlights

• 100% bio-based

• Readily biodegradable

• Excellent capacity for binding metal ions

• Good hydrolytic, chlorine & thermal stability


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Manufacturer : Itaconix
CAS Number : 26099-89-8
Tradenames : Itaconix DSP-2K
Synonyms : Sodium polyitaconate
Grades Offered : industrial
Product Sheet : PDF Sheet
INCI Name : Sodium polyitaconate



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