'Excellence in Chemical Distribution'

ICC Vendor Survey

* 1. Company Information

* 2. Customer Service Contact

* 3. Sales Contact

* 4. Quality Contact

* 5. Please Indicate Ownership Type


* 6. Person Completing Form


ICC Vendor survey


12. Do you manufacture at this location?


13. Facilities(closest to Glendale, NY)

14. Check all applicable industries supplied to


15 Main Products Supplied


16 (For Chemical distributor only) name 5 U.S.Companies you distribute for


(For Non U.S. companies only ) provid 3 U.S. business references for us to contact


ICC Vendor survey


33.Please advise Location(s) of Warehouse

34.Do you Store:


35.Are you:


36.Delivery Services:

Do you-

37. Can you:

38.Can you arrange pick up of containers from closest Seaport?

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