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Industrial Preservatives
August 28, 2017

In July, Dow announced that in 2018, it will discontinue production of DOWICIL™ 75 Preservative, which is typically used in such applications as adhesives, latexes, paints, and liquid detergents to protect against a wide variety of bacteria and fungi. However, DOWICIL™ 75 Preservative is known to release formaldehyde and is considered a sensitizer. Now is the time to consider alternatives to ensure a smooth transition to a different preservative in your process.

Independent Chemical Corporation, recognized as one of the top 100 chemical distributors in North America, offers a full suite of preservatives for industrial applications like those that use DOWICIL™ 75 Preservative. One such product is Lanxess Biochek® BIT 20D, which offers comparable performance to DOWICIL™ 75 for all-purpose liquid detergents at a pH of 7-11. We also offer Lanxess Preventol® D7 CF, a copper-free, non-foaming, and readily biodegradable preservative useful in multiple applications, including all those listed for DOWICIL™ 75 Preservative. 

With nearly four months before supplies start to dwindle, take the needed steps to qualify your replacement of DOWICIL™ 75 Preservative. Contact the technical support staff at Independent Chemical to learn more about how we can help protect and preserve your industrial application!

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