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Kuncai and Independent Chemical Announce New Partnership
October 01, 2021

Kuncai and Independent Chemical are pleased to announce a new partnership for US Distribution of Kuncai’s Cosmetic Effect Pigments.  These products take advantage of Kuncai’s Synthetic Mica to offer better color Brilliance.  Kuncai also offers products on Brazilian Natural Mica and Borosilicate Glass

Effect pigments powered by Synthetic Mica

Discover color purity and intensity for your application

Numerous effect pigments use mica as an important raw material. It is a naturally occurring material and is therefore subject to the fluctuations in quality and availability that are common to all naturally occurring products. Various impurities such as metallic oxide compounds in the material also present a processing challenge when natural micas are used to produce high-quality effect pigments.

Synthetic mica is an industrially manufactured raw material that allows for the production of a highly transparent and pure raw material. Using this type of mica as a basis for effect pigments results in a marked improvement in quality with regard to luster and transparency. Pigments manufactured with the help of synthetic mica therefore exhibit extremely brilliant colors while impacting the basic color to a much lesser degree.

Due to the thin film thickness of synthetic mica platelets and their rounded particle structure, their use produces a more even surface appearance after application. As synthetic mica is more flexible and shatter-proof than its natural counterpart, its use in paints and masterbatch production results in a much more limited loss of effect intensity in the end application than one would experience with natural mica.

Kuncai is the technology leader for synthetic mica production. A patented, optimized production process ensures consistent and easily reproduced mica quality standards. Production of synthetic mica is fully integrated into the other effect pigment production processes at the manufacturing site. The integration of the major component synthetic mica and the use of other raw materials produced by us in the value chain ensures continuous control and followup of feedstocks, as well as the highest product quality also in weather treated versions.

Product Benefits

  • High transparency
  • Extraordinary reflectivity
  • High chroma colors
  • Intense interference colors
  • Smooth and even surface structure
  • Less prone to shattering
  • Reduced heavy metal content
  • Free of natural impurities
  • Intense metallic sparkle

Kuncai Aurora

Aurora pigments are based on synthetic mica (fluorphlogopite)

Kuncai Borostar

BoroStar pigments are based on calcium sodium borosilicate, a highly transparent substrate that is ideal for achieving clean and brilliant colors.

Kuncai Cospearl

CosPearl is our standard product series based on natural mica with a wide color range for decorative cosmetics and personal care products.

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