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What you Never knew about Locust Bean Gum
August 14, 2017

Locust Bean Gum, also known as Carob Bean Gum, is a naturally derived from the seeds of the carob tree from the Mediterranean area. The Mediterranean is where the majority of Locust Bean Gum seeds are produced and harvested. Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Greece provide 70-75% of the world’s total production.

Locust bean gum is milled from the locust bean, and is sometimes referred to as "carob bean gum" or "carob gum." However, the gum should not be confused with carob powder, a flavoring made from roasted carob beans that can be used as a substitute for chocolate. The carob plant is also known as "St. John's Bread." 

Locust bean gum is the preferred texturizer for various food applications due to its natural image, the neutral taste and the very creamy texture it provides. In frozen products, such as ice cream, locust bean gum slows down and reduces the size of ice crystal formation thanks to its ability to bind water. Locust Bean Gum has a positive impact on protein stability and does not interact with other ingredients in food due to its neutral behavior. In bakery fillings, locust bean gum makes them more stable and less likely to boil out. Locust bean gum will also provide a little bit of film formation, which will prevent fruit from moving into a pie shell. It is typically found in cream-cheese spreads to impart richness and spreadability. Locust bean gum has the ability to add body and provide suspension to beverages. Locust bean gum also prevents whey-off in dairy products. Locust bean gum is invaluable in commercial applications such as ice cream, soft drinks, fruit juices, bread and pastry, preserves, instant pudding, and baby food. 

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