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ACS AntiCytoStressor (Vevy 13.4566)

A plant extract that contains high levels of tannins, effective in soothing skin irritation, redness and puffiness. This all natural active is a skin stress hormones inhibitor, which lowering the levels lead to a calmer, less red complexion, and slows down signs of premature aging. Its use is pertinent in the two local treatment systems: reconstitutive-reparative and protective-preventive. In emulsions, lotions and gels; antiaging; soothing products, nail hardeners, hair car preparations, baby care formulations, after-sun products, aftershaves, special preparations for night and day.  Product of Vevy Europe.

Product Code
Trade Name
anti-inflammation active, anti-inflammatory, soothing, soothe, soothes, irritation, irritated skin, Anti-redness, calm, calming, relieve discomfort, reduce stress, antiaging, Anti-wrinkle, Antiwrinkle, Sensitive, Sensitive skin, baby, after sun, after shave, shave, after chemical peel, scalp