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Antifreeze PGT/Propylene glycol Inhibited

An Inhibited Propylene Heat Transfer Fluid for use in HVAC systems. This product is supplied as full strength of 96% propylene glycol and 4% inhibitors/water, or in a diluted form when the name is followed by a number. This product contains only products that are GRAS and may be used in food plants or other. Typical use levels would be in 30-60% dilutions by volume to meet temperature range needs at the coldest point. Note that propylene glycol is bacteriostatic above 25% and typically no preservatives are used in these systems. Inhibitors are added to prevent metal catalyzed pH reduction which could lead to system corrosion. Note that this product contains no silicates, and that we strongly suggest against use of automotive or non-HVAC designed products.
CAS Number
Trade Name
Antifreeze PGT