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Calfoam ES-303

Calfoam® ES-303 is a 28% active solution of sodium lauryl ether sulfate containing an average of 3 moles of ethylene oxide. Pilot Chemical produces Calfoam® ES-303 via continuous sulfation of a natural fatty alcohol ethoxylate that produces a light colored product with low viscosity, sparkling clarity and mild odor. Recommended for application in environmentally friendly personal care and HI&I products. It is a biodegradable surfactant that is used in shampoos, bubble bath and in many cleansing applications. Produces suds that are mild, gentle and profuse. Addition of inorganic salts produces remarkable increases in viscosity, making economical formulas possible. Generates a slightly wetter foam than either a one mole or two mole ether sulfate.
CAS Number
Trade Name
Calfoam® ES-303
Sodium Laureth Sulfate
Sodium Laureth Sulfate