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Filagrinol (13.2423)

DESCRIPTION: The ultimate natural ingredient to improve skin moisturization. Increase consumer acceptance of your products by adding Filagrinol to your skin care cosmetics. PROPERTIES : Active modulator of filaggrinogenesis, which is at the base of epidermal moisturization and elasticity. Usable with Dermonectin, factor of cohesion (for deep hydration cf. Hyaluramine) USE : products for the treatment of sensitive, dry, senile, blotchy skin and for skin showing other forms of cutaneous reddening: sunscreen products (dehydrated actinic skin): from 5 to 10%. In finished products as antioxydant use only: lecithin, tocopherol, citrates Available also without preservatives: FILAGRINOL N-P Vevy Codex: 13.4921.
Trade Name