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I-Glucoside 10N

I-Glucoside 10N is a neutral pH Decyl Glucoside(C8-C14 Blend) Alkyl Poly Glucoside that is non-preserved and produced from renewable raw materials.  Due to its mildness, good wetting, dispersion and compatibility, 10N is an excellent foaming and cleaning agent for shampoos, hand soaps and other foaming products.  This product is a blend of the C8 and C12-14 specially formulated to give a 300-600MPa.s viscosity, a neutral pH, and 50% solids.

Product Code
CAS Number
68515-73-1 110615-47-9
Trade Name
I Glucoside 10N, Plantapon 425, Plantaran
Decyl Glucoside
ALKYL GLUCOSIDE; Decyl Glucoside