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Sesqui™ Sodium Sesquicarbonate

Sesqui™ sodium sesquicarbonate is produced as brilliant white translucent crystals. Sesqui™is a unique brand of alkali that is perfect for use in manufacturing a variety of household products and industrial applications such as bath salts, laundry detergents, mild industrial and specialty cleaners, swimming pool pH buffer, and water softeners. Chemically speaking, Sesqui™ is a distinct alkali product built by linking one part of bicarb (for alkalinity control) with one part of soda ash (to increase pH) creating unique free-flowing and dust-free characteristics as well as excellent buffering capacity, complete and rapid dissolving properties in water, superior water softening capabilities, mild yet effective alkali cleaning properties, and a silky smooth feel.Sesqui™ is a single crystalline material, not a mix or blend. That means it is uniform, easy to handle and pour, and won’t separate during use. Sesqui™ is already hydrated, so it dissolves easily and it absorbs little or no moisture or carbon dioxide and will therefore remain free flowing and non-caking. USE : Bath salt ingredient, water softener, swim pool and spa buffering, laundry detergent additive, industrial cleaner ingredient, hard surface cleaner ingredient, diaper rinse ingredient, abrasive blast medium, flue gas desulfurization, municipal and industrial waste water treatment.

Product Code
CAS Number
Trade Name
Sesqui™ Sodium Sesquicarbonate
Sodium Sesquicarbonate
Na2CO3 .NaHCO3 .2H2O
Trisodium Hydrogendicarbonate, Sesqui