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Trehalose Dihydrate Cosmetic

Trehalose, produced by Corn Starch Extraction and other methods, is a sugar consisting of 2 molecules of glucose, and is widely used due to its very high water retention capabilities and ability to

stabilize single strandred nucleic acids and the resulting benefits in skin care.  This product is supplied in 25 kg bags as a white crystal melting at 97C, and nearly 70% percent water solubility at 20C. 

Trehalose is one of the key materials in Salginella (sometimes called the Resurrection Plant) that allows the plant to revive from dried and withered to green and vibrant due to the action of the naturally occuring Trehalose. 

it will lower the freezing point in formulation, and has been used in opthamics as a componant of artificial tears for eye re-wetting.



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