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Independent Chemical Offers DesaDrops by Vevy Europe
September 16, 2019

DesaDrops is a 40% Desamine ® (Vevy codex 19.0372) gelled solution that is used as a substitute for classical neutralizers such as AMP (aminomethylpropanol), TEA, sodium hydroxide, etc. in the same percentages of use.  General usage is in the 0.1% to 1% range based on the amount of acid radicals to neutralize.  It may be used to modify and adjust the pH of a solution, an emulsion, or a lotion, and it may be diluted to gel high concentrated resins and to avoid formation of aggregates. 

A colorless, odorless limpid liquid that is soluble in watery systems, DesaDrops is compatible with all resins, gelling agents, and both new and old conception thickening agents.  It is compatible with the greater number of actives and it gives no unwanted salification reaction.  DesaDrops is a very safe product because it does not release any secondary reaction toxic element, such as nitrosamine.  It should be considered as a classical neutralizer, as it can substitute in the proper proportions for most common neutralizers.

Independent Chemical is pleased to offer DesaDrops as part of our extensive cosmetic and personal care product selection.  Reach out to us today to learn more.   

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