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Most Common Chemicals in Women’s Makeup
February 23, 2018

The makeup industry in 2017 was reported to cost more than $440 billion. In addition, the average person owns approximately 40 different makeup products. From lipsticks to foundations, there’s a lot of liquids and colors that can go on a face. But what chemicals are in each each tube or pallet? By taking a look at some different price points, one can get a better understanding at the most common chemical ingredients for each type of makeup product.

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Ginger All: The Root’s Uses and Benefits
February 01, 2018

When one needs a remedy for their ailments, they needn’t look too far beyond what nature already produces. Many fruits and vegetables have benefits, but when it comes roots, perhaps one of the most well-known is the ginger root.

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10 Quick Benefits of Caffeine
December 20, 2017

Caffeine has several hidden benefits that we’re sure you didn’t know about. Industrial chemical suppliers often have the ingredient available for purchase, and at Independent Chemical, we can supply you with just that. Just look out for it under our pharmaceutical, nutritional & healthcare ingredients category. Here are 10 quick benefits caffeine has to offer: Caffeine helps ward off Alzheimer’s Drinking caffeine results in more effective workouts [...]

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Vevy Keratoplast Shown to Protect Skin from the Environment
December 18, 2017

Vevy's Keratoplast and Salycuminol offers protection from everyday life resulting in skin redness from exposure to wind, sun, air pollution, and other cosmetic products. Contact our sales staff for more information or visit

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A few things to consider between natural and synthetic cosmetic preservatives
December 16, 2017

Synthetic preservatives have been widely used for many years for cosmetics formulations. Recently, however, the request for natural preservatives have increased due to evidence of toxicity in certain synthetic preservatives. There are benefits and drawbacks to both Natural and Synthetic preservatives, that should be considered. There are many benefits to synthetic cosmetic preservatives such as: a broad-spectrum of activity against bacteria and fungi, consistency from batch to batch, a relatively [...]

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Clean Label Preservatives for Foods & Cosmetics
December 11, 2017

Independent Chemical now offers a full range of Cultured Sugar and Vinegar blends to solve "Clean Label" challenges. Contact us for more information.

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