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Pharmaceutical, nutritional, food & beverage, flavor & fragrance, cosmetic, cleaning & water treatment chemical-related industries.

We Are

No Shortcuts. No Second Class Anything.

We have been operating under the same basic tenets for almost seven decades. These principles are the guideposts we work off, to basically ensure our continued leadership in the industry. We know if we respect the path that has provided success, the result will be the very best products we can produce and the quality output for which our customers choose us for.

Independent Chemical is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified and is committed to supplying products that meet the quality and the expectations of our customers. We select manufacturers & chemical products that dependably provide the quality and performance consistent with the needs of our customers.

We are committed to manufacturing and supplying chemical products in a safe manner and offering safety and handling expertise for the safety & benefit of our customers. We disseminate Safety Data Sheets with every purchase of a new product and provide updated SDSs as they become available.

But, don’t get us wrong; we don’t rest on past accomplishments or the tried and true. We continuously strive for better solutions and new ways to improve our offerings. Our guideposts maintain our forward-thinking direction, they don’t limit our purposeful pursuit of better solutions for our customers.

We always strive for improvement through continuous study of Purpose, Process, Principle, People, and Performance, in all of our business operations, and appreciate that only through the most dedicated and trained team can we succeed.

That’s why when we say “quality” we don’t just refer to our products, but the entire process in which they are produced and the people who enable them to come to market.

We adhere to a strident belief that quality is the result of knowledge, desire, and process. And, it is this belief, that our customers expect when they come to us.

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