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Triethyl Citrate: A Natural Ingredient with Many Uses
June 07, 2019

Triethyl Citrate (CAS 77-93-0) is an ester of citric acid with several industrial and consumer applications.  It is produced via fermentation of ethanol and natural citric acid.  This colorless, odorless liquid is often used as a food additive where it acts as both a flavoring agent and a foam stabilizer, principally as a whipping enhancer for organic egg whites during processing. 

In the cosmetics and personal care sector, triethyl citrate is used as a perfume fixer and as a film for hair sprays and nail polish.  It is also an active ingredient in many deodorants.  It is readily biodegradable and considered to have low toxicity prior to degradation. 

The manufacture of certain pharmaceutical coatings and plastics involves use of triethyl citrate, where it acts as a plasticizer for natural resins and cellulose derivatives.  Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one example. 

Triethyl citrate has been used as a pseudo-emulsifier in e-cigarette juices.  It functions as a stabilizer in much the same way that lecithin does in many food products, but with the possibility of vaporization which lends itself to this unique application. 

As manufactured, triethyl citrate is stable under normal use conditions.  Contact with strong oxidizing agents should be avoided, as should exposure to extreme heat, open flames, or other potential sources of ignition. 

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